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The Brown laboratory is focused on cell signaling networks that initiate production of phosphatidic acid. This lipid second messenger has been shown to modulate numerous cell signaling cascades, cell survival pathways and membrane remodeling processes. Computational lipidomics is a systems biology based approach pioneered by our group. We use mass spectrometry to define lipid species involved in pathways relevant to cancer, inflammation, infectious diseases, and metabolic disorders. These pathways are subsequently evaluated as potential therapeutic targets.
  Recent Publications  

Bruntz RC, Taylor HE, Lindsley CW, Brown HA. (2013) Phospholipase D2 mediates survival signaling through direct regulation of Akt in glioblastoma cells. J.  Biol. Chem. Nov. 20 [Epub ahead of print]. PMID 24257753

Scott SA, Xiang Y, Mathews TP, Plumley HC, Myers DS, Armstrong MD, Tallman KA, O’Reilly MC, Lindsley CW, Brown HA. (2013) Regulation of phospholipase D activity and phosphatidic acid production after purinergic (P2Y6) receptor stimulation. J.  Biol. Chem. 288(28): 20477-20487.  PMC 3711313

Selvy, P.E., Lavieri, R., Lindsley, C.W., and Brown, H.A. Phospholipase D - Enzymology, functionality, and chemical modulation. (2011) Chemical Reviews –Lipid Biochemistry, Metabolism and Signaling 111(10): 6064-6119. PMC 3233269

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